Race Street Condo Interiors 

Proposal for furnishing 3CDC Race Street Condos.  Assumes 800 - 1,200 square feet of living space in the heart of OTR. To Attract new residents and professionals from both the suburbs of greater Cincinnati and other major metropolitan cities these condos should appeal to an people seeking an urban lifestyle  with furnishings that are highly functional, simple in design, elegant, authentic and cozy. 

Proposal assumes all units are new construction with new hardwood flooring and all interior walls are finished with drywall.  


Living Room

Neutral color tones that appeal to both the femme and masculine side

Home Office

freelancers heaven

tiny home office.jpg

bff breakfast table for small spaces (local)

dark cabinets // natural accents // geometric patterns

FERN planters (local)

Pops of nature // serene photography // small furniture for small spaces

Pops of nature


coat storage near front door

Dining room

bff dining table (local) 

Balcony // colored steel and wood // planters

Cost and Terms

Click here for example of itemized sheet with cost breakdowns for each room.  

All fees associated with the project are to be included in the price breakdown shown in the example above. The prices shown include design specification, purchasing and coordination of delivery to the site. What you see is what you pay unless a change order is submitted with written consent from both parties.  3CDC is encouraged to provide a 'not to exceed' budget and we will work within those parameters to appropriately stage each room specified in the master spreadsheet.  Once a budget is  agreed upon and contract is signed, a 50% deposit will be required to begin the project. All returns costs associated with the purchasing will be the responsibility of 3CDC. After a unit is sold we can coordinate the moving and staging of next unit for an additional fee.  This price will be determined by how much furniture there is to be moved. 

Up-selling Opportunity

Additionally, we can provide printed on site literature on all of the local artisans, makers and vendors used for the staging process and have prices for all items in the condo. If an interested buyer would like to keep some of the furnishings, this is an opportunity for 3CDC to sell the furnishings to the buyer and make a return on their advertising investment.

Local Artisans and Vendors

Brush Factory supports local economic growth and small business and enjoys using opportunities like this to build city / neighborhood pride by being able to provide as much of the staging props  from Cincinnati vendors as possible while staying under budget. 

Quality of Service

Our customer service and attention to detail has been a mark of pride at Brush Factory. We deliver an exceptional product and provide great communication,  flexible work schedules and excellent problem-solving skills. We do what we need to do to get the job done! References can be provided upon request. 

Please contact Rosie@brushmanufactory.com to confirm a time to review specifics about scope, budget and timeline. Our hope is to use the Race St condo project as an opportunity to  show you what we can do and begin discussions about designing and building cabinets and storage options for the 13th and Walnut condos!

Thank You