Brush Factory Wood Shop

Welcome to the Brush Factory wood shop located in Cincinnati, OH. Here we carefully design and craft wood products with care and precision. We believe the simple elegance and beauty of solid wood is a gift from the natural world. Our lumber is sourced locally and is sustainably harvested in the mid west region. 

Great care is taken to skillfully match the individual boards that make up every piece of our furniture. After the lumber is rough sawn, it is transported from the mill to our Camp Washington workshop.  There it is cut, surfaced, joined, sanded and finished. After each piece of furniture is carefully hand sanded, catalyzed lacquer is sprayed in three coats with a light sanding in between coats. 

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Each year U.S. forests remove the greenhouse gasses emitted by 139 million cars. Harvesting levels of American hardwood are far below the level of growth. Today, the volume of hardwoods in American forests is 90% larger than it was 50 years ago.
— Frank Miller Lumber - IN,USA

We believe in quality and do our best to make sure those standards are met through the entire manufacturing process. Each piece is made by hand and inspected by Brush Factory's discerning, well paid, craftsmen before being carefully wrapped and packed then out the door. To learn more about our material sourcing, design process or general product information, please subscribe to our newsletter or contact us.

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