Care and Maintenance

Maintenance is EASY!  Cleaning can be achieved simply by wiping down your furniture with a damp cloth. 

Cleaning: Washing your furniture with excessive water is not recommended. Excessive water penetration will damage the finish and board seams of your furniture. Wet objects should not be set directly on wooden furniture. Promptly and completely wipe standing water or spills with a soft cloth. Avoid solvent based detergents and polishes. 

Over exposure to sunlight: Bleaching, drying, or yellowing can occur if furniture is over exposed to direct sunlight. Appropriate use of window coverings and/or table cloths can help reduce this damage. 

Hot objects: Hot dishes and pans should not be placed directly on naturally finished wooden surfaces. We recommend the use of soft-backed placemats, trivets, heat-resistant pads, or spaces to help diminish the risk of damage.