Hidden Details 

Inside our handcrafted pieces

Photos by Rosie Kovacs

Beautifully handcrafted pieces take time and teamwork.

Steve and Hayes worked together on two executive conference tables as part of Brush Factory's design and fabrication package for Cincinnati's new Cintrifuse headquarters in Over-the-Rhine.  

The design featured solid black walnut construction through and through which is highly uncommon today among typical office furniture and part of what makes Brush Factory's work so special.  The client wanted these tables to feel more residential in design yet business in scale so Hayes designed special joinery for the base to accommodate an extra long 10 foot solid walnut top.  

Each leg and long apron includes a Bridle joint rather than a standard mortise and tenon which allows for the wings at the end to extend past the legs and support the long top.  These joints were cut by hand the old fashioned way and for even greater strength and challenge pinned from the inside with floating tenons that connect the short aprons.  "These were a great challenge to build and part of what makes custom work so fun and interesting" says Hayes, "I can't wait to see these finished."